Friday, January 31, 2014

Washi tape holder

 I've been looking for a good washi tape solution since my collection is growing rapidly. I've seen lots of good ideas out there, but none that fit my needs. I was previously keeping them in little buckets and stacked up in my cupboard, but I couldn't see my whole collection or get to it easily. When I held craft group at my house I had to lug out all of my tape and it took several trips to get it all out. Then I was faced with the presentation problem, I had no cute way to display my tape once it was out of the cupboard! After searching around for some way to keep my tape, I stumbled across this box at my local wally world. Inspiration struck me, I had seen the k-cup rack holders before, but liked the drawer idea. So I bought one to try as soon as I got home. I loved it!! I went back right away and bought a second one. They are around $16 in store, but Amazon has some that store even more (around 52 cups) and are 3 drawers tall. These babies hold about 120 rolls each, depending on how to place them in there. I left a little room in each row so I could get the rolls out, but you can do what you want! So far I am loving it. But if you are worried about table space, then these are probably not for you.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Star Wars birthday party

 The invitations were designed and cut on my silhouette cameo

 Homemade piƱata made from cardboard and milk jug plastic

 Cupcake liners and picks

Me and my Jedi boys

Monday, October 28, 2013

Despicable Me family theme costumes

This year my boys wanted to be minions so I based our family costumes around them. 
For the minions: I bought tshirts from wallyworld in the boys' sizes, then purchased three more shirts in the largest size I could find. I then cut those extra shirts up and made the leggings and shirt for my daughter (I wanted all the minions to match color wise and they didn't have the same yellow in the baby girl section) and also cut off sleeves to make the minion hats and used extra material for the leggings for my son. (It'll be cold here on Halloween) I purchased fake disguises from the dollar store, unscrewed the nose and mustache, and used the glasses for the minion goggles, hot gluing elastic to go around the head. The hats are made from the t-shirt sleeves, then pipe cleaners are hot glued to the tops. Round out the costume with gloves also bought at dollar store. I cut the gru symbol from black felt to go on the overall pockets. Overalls were bought at DI (similar to Goodwill). I made matching trick or treat bags from felt and hot glued on all the features before stitching up the sides. 
For Vector: I purchased orange material and white ribbon and made the track suit based on pj's. for the collar I sewed in a piece of plastic to make it stand up. The fanny pack was found at DI for $0.50!! The wig is a black bob bought at wallyworld for under $5 and cut in the bowl cut. The glasses were purchased on eBay last year for a Louis from ghostbusters costume. The squid launcher is made from a soda bottle wrapped in felt with milk carton handles hot glued to it. The squid is made from felt. 

For Gru: I bought a bald cap off eBay for around $3. I took a witch nose, cut off the wart, and painted it flesh color; adhered it with liquid latex. Eyebrows are cut from a fake mustache bought at the dollar store. The scarf is two striped socks pinned together. I painted my entire face and bald cap to match the nose. The moon is a styrofoam ball painted gray and white and black. 

We were complimented all evening on our costumes! It was such a blast putting this together. It sounds like a lot of work but in reality was quite simple. I also decorated our trunk to look like Gru's lab. I cut out felt minions (the same way I did the trick or treat bags) and pinned them to a black felt backdrop. I cut the gru symbol out on my silhouette machine from paper and pinned them as well. I took various bottles and measuring cups, filled them with colored water and set dry ice in them so they bubbled. I wrapped a formula canister in yellow tissue paper and added the gru symbol to the front. I made a lab table by taking two diet coke can boxes and setting a plank of wood on top, then covered it all with a large sheet of black felt. I think it was a success!! All night people said our minions were adorable and they couldn't believe how awesome we looked! 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Despicable Me Minion cookies

I know they're not "pinterest perfect" but my kids got really excited when I made these cookies for them this morning. They're made from the Milano cookies (raspberry for us, I wanted mint but my kids aren't big mint fans!) and the candy eyeballs found in the Wilton baking aisle in Walmart. I took blue frosting to make the pants and used black decorator gel for the buttons, mouths, and hair. Super simple but cute! And real. :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Newborn Dress from Onesie

Newborn dress made from newborn onesie and pre-ruffled fabric. Super easy! Used ribbon, satin, and pearls from my stash for the trim and flower. Tutorial followed: for the dress. Made my own flower.

Guessed on the measurements since my little girl isn't here yet, but the length of the black fabric is 17" long and 26" in width, but tubed.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Coming soon!!

I will hopefully be adding pictures of my own take on projects from around the internet. Mostly this is so I can pin things to Pinterest....